Soldiers with Cameras

Soldiers filmed all the Iraq footage in The War Tapes. These five soldiers filmed the entire year. They spent hundreds of hours learning about storytelling, interviewing, framing shots, and finding ways to share their raw experiences through sound and image. Bazzi, Pink and Moriarty's stories are the heart of the movie.


SERGEANT STEPHEN PINK, 24, was born and raised in Kingston Mass. He went to BC High in Boston, and got his BA in English from Plymouth State College, where he wrote for the school paper. He joined the military... read more »


SPECIALIST MIKE MORIARTY is a Harley Davidson mechanic and lives with his family in Windsor, New Hampshire, population 201. He is married with a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. Meet Mike as he was... read more »


SERGEANT ZACK BAZZI is a University of New Hampshire student and a Lebanese-born American who escaped from the Lebanon Civil War with his family at age 10. Bazzi joined the military to travel and see the world, and has been... read more »


SERGEANT DUNCAN DOMEY, 32, was deployed to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division shortly after 9/11 as U.S. forces went on the hunt for Osama bin Laden. He sent this email to Deborah March 2, 2004. Grew up: Rotterdam, The... read more »


SPECIALIST BRANDON WILKINS shot some of the most dramatic combat footage in THE WAR TAPES. He had just turned his camera on when his squad was attacked by insurgents in Fallujah, capturing the extreme chaos of the moment. He sent... read more »