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Press Notes

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Press Queries

Anastasia Kousakis
Phone: (212) 406-9610

Press Images

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All photo credits (SenArt Films / Scranton/Lacy Films)

SPC Mike Moriarty with video camera

SPC Mike Moriarty in Gun Turret

Shot through binoculars - MSR Tampa, north of Taji, Iraq

SGT Zack Bazzi trains an Iraqi Policeman

SGT Zack Bazzi on radio in Humvee

SGT Steve Pink riding in Humvee

SGT Steve Pink filming in front of a Humvee

New Hampshire Flag in Iraq

Girlfriend Lindsay Coletti with SGT Steve Pink's letter

Director Deborah Scranton at Ft. Dix
SPC Mike Moriarty with his family

SGT Steve Pink with girlfriend Lindsay Coletti

SGT Zack Bazzi

Movie Poster

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