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The War Tapes: Full Press List 2.0

Full Press List 2.0

Publication Date Title Author State City
ABC News 06/23/06 A Provocative Look at Soldiers' Lives in Iraq Harris, Dan .Nat National
A.V. Club 06/28/06 The War Tapes Review Murray, Noel .Nat National
Abington Mariner 06/30/06 GIs capture explosive tales on 'War Tapes' Verniere, James MA Abington
American 06/09/06 The Cameras They Carried Muralidhar, Sudhir .Nat Online 06/01/06 "The War Tapes" generates heat across the U.S. Colenso, Jr., Rob .Nat Online
Associated Press 06/16/06 New documentaries prove truth is better than fiction LeMire, Christy .Nat National
Bay Area Reporter 06/29/06 Dispatches from the front Lamble, David CA San Francisco
BBC News 06/02/06 Film sees war through soldiers' eyes Greene, Richard Allen .Int Britain
Boston Globe 06/21/06 `The War Tapes' gets inside Charlie Company's war in Iraq Webster, Katharine MA Boston
Boston Globe 06/30/06 Seeing Iraq through the eyes of troops Morris, Wesley MA Boston
Boston Herald
06/28/06 GIs capture explosive tales on 'War Tapes' Verniere, James MA Boston
Boston Herald
06/28/06 Grunt's eye-view of Iraq war riveting Eagan, Margery MA Boston
Cape Codder 06/29/06 Falmouth soldier featured in exceptional 'The War Tapes' Alvin, Rebecca M. MA Cape Cod
Chicago Reader 07/07/06 The best documentary to date about the military occupation of Iraq Rosenbaum, Jonathan IL Chicago
Chicago Sun-Times 07/07/06 Soldiers'-eye views make 'War Tapes' real Stamets, Bill IL Chicago
Chicago Tribune 07/07/06 Soldiers provide the images, firepower of `The War Tapes' Phillips, Michael IL Chicago
Chicago Tribune 07/07/06 Armed with camera, sergeant captures a year in the life Elder, Robert K. IL Chicago
Christian Science Monitor 06/02/06 Same War, different lenses Lamb, Gregory M. .Nat National
Concord Monitor 05/28/06 Coming face to face with the war Pride, Mike NH Concord
Contra Costa Times 06/30/06 'War Tapes' puts us at the front Myers, Randy CA Contra Costa
Entertainment Weekly 06/01/06 Combat Rock Gleiberman, Owen .Nat National 06/01/06 "War" Zone': Question and Answer with Steve James Cruz, Gilbert .Nat Online
FOX News 06/29/06 Halliburton's KBR Figures Prominently in Unusual Iraq Documentary Donaldson-Evans, Catherine .Nat Online
Guerrilla News Network
06/04/06 An interview with the soldier/filmmakers from the award-winning doc Lappe , Anthony .Nat Online
Hollywood Reporter 05/10/06 The War Tapes Review Scheck, Frank .Nat National
In These Times 06/06/06 Iraq on the Big Screen Atkinson, Michael .Nat National 06/05/06 The Real Thing Smorodinsky. Maya .Nat Online
Kingston Mariner 07/07/06 The War Tapes give National Guardsmen a voice Chan, Robin MA Kingston
HippoPress 06/22/06 First-person Shooter: The Iraq war through the warrior's eyes Victorino, Richie NH Manchester
Metro New York 06/02/06 War and War: 'Tape' is a stark depiction of Iraq Benfer, Amy NY New York
Monsters & Critics 05/24/06 Movie Review: The War Tapes Wilkinson, Ron .Nat Online
The Nation 06/21/06 When Soldiers Shoot a War McCarthy, Kevin .Nat National
National Geographic 06/01/06 "War Tapes" Movie Puts Cameras in Soldiers' Hands Anderson, Mark .Nat Online
New York Newsday 06/02/06 War, as shot by soldiers Stuart, Jan NY New York
New York Magazine 06/05/06 All's Fair in Love and War Edelstein, David NY New York
New York Post 05/28/06 Soldiers' Tale Stadtmiller, Mandy NY New York
New York Post 06/02/06 War's video diary Smith, Kyle NY New York
New York Press 05/28/06 Bomb Squad Merin, Jennifer NY New York
New York Times 06/02/06 A Soldiers-Eye View of the Days over There Scott, A. O. NY New York
New York Times 06/05/06 Show Me The Bodies Carr, David NY New York
New York Times 06/19/06 Cascading Inconvenient Truths Carr, David NY New York
Newsweek Online
06/09/06 This Summer's Must-See Docs Ansen, David .Nat Online
Patriot Ledger 06/30/06 FACE TO FACE WITH WAR Alexander, Al MA Quincy
San Francisco Chronicle 06/29/06 Soldiers in Iraq with cameras reveal themselves, the war LaSalle, Mick CA San Francisco
San Francisco Chronicle 06/30/06 Filmmaker puts movie in hands of soldiers Garofoli, Joe CA San Francisco
Time Out New York 06/01/06 The War Tapes Review Rothkopf, Joshua NY New York
Union Leader 06/17/06 Seventeen soldiers help shoot film Wickham, Shawne K. NH Manchester
Variety 06/18/06 Little pix with lofty goals Mohr, Ian .Nat National
Village Voice 05/31/06 Casualties of War Atkinson, Michael NY New York
Washington Post 06/30/06 Through a Lens, Grimly Hornaday, Ann DC Washington
Washington Post 06/30/06 'The War Tapes': Three Soldiers on Shifting Sandsy Hornaday, Ann DC Washington
Washington Post 06/30/06 'Troops Bring the Action Home in 'War Tapes' Talcott, Christina DC Washington
Watertown Tab 07/07/06 Watertowner tapes the real world of Iraq Loh, Christopher MA Watertown
Worcester Telegram 06/30/06 Filming at the front: Documentary puts cameras in soldiers' hands Duckett, Richard MA Worcester
Washington Times 06/29/06 Shooting war Toto, Christian DC Washington