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The War Tapes: IAVA Panel Featuring Zack Bazzi

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IAVA Panel Featuring Zack Bazzi

Screening the movie wasn't the only thing we did at the Yearly Kos Convention. This is a picture from the panel "The View From The Ground" that was put on by IAVA. From left to right are IAVA founder Paul Rieckhoff, Zack Bazzi, Abbie Pickett, and Perry Jeffries, all of whom are veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Similarly to The War Tapes, each of the four panelists looked at the situation on the ground from different and interesting perspective. The panel was very well attended and afterwords there was a race to the microphone by people who wanted to ask questions. Unfortunately the panel ran short, and many questions were left unasked and/or unanswered. If you had a question for the panel that you didn't get an answer for, please leave it below and we'll do our best to get you an answer from one of the panelists.

(Image Credit: Ilona of the PTSD Combat blog)