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The War Tapes: They Sure Got It!

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They Sure Got It!

These are Soldier-with-Camera Brandon Wilkins reflections on the experience of watching The War Tapes in Tribeca:

"As the lights went down, I had a flashback to the day Deborah (the director) stood in front of the company and suggested the project to us. It felt so surreal sitting in this big movie theater with people who had not shared this two year process with us. What would they think? Would they "get it"? But as the movie unfolded, I could feel the audience's changing moods, and felt them relax with the jokes, and shift in their seats with the heart pounding IED explosions! They sure got it! I think many Americans from all different backgrounds will "get it". What a great reaction from the audience. I am glad we have had this opportunity to share a glimps of our experience with them."

If you want to join us at the Beyond Broadcast conference today, follow this link for a live webcast.

PS -- Deborah just gave a gorgeous quick talk at the Beyond Broadcast conference. She was charmingly nervous, blushing and reading ("I'm sorry I'm not giving more eye contact," she begged, but I wasn't sure I could remember everything I wanted to say!") and so clearly communicating her passion for empathy, for connecting, for relationships as the core of new media. At the end she said something I hadn't heard her say before, but its quite strong -- why war?, she asked herself, why a movie about this war?

Because, she said, the oracle at delphi says know thyself. And as a country, we need to know ourselves.