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The War Tapes: Second Screening -- Second Standing Ovation

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Second Screening -- Second Standing Ovation

We barely had a chance to catch our breath from our Saturday premiere. Sunday we screened for the second time. Different theater than the premiere, one of the Regal Cinemas in Battery Park City right across from Ground Zero. It was another full crowd. As the screen went dark, I felt the same butterflies in my stomach as on Saturday at the premiere. We sat in the middle of the theater, to feel the crowd. Soon after the lights came up we got another standing ovation! To feel the audience connect with the movie is so amazing. Thank you to everyone who was there for making this such an incredible interchange of ideas and emotion and desire to make a difference.

One person in the audience asked during our Q & A after 'what they could do to help the soldiers', the reply from Brandon was 'get to know one'!

Next screening Wednesday at 7pm...