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The War Tapes: Last Tribeca Screening Tomorrow

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Last Tribeca Screening Tomorrow

I was only there for the Premiere, but the reports from Tribeca all week have been amazing, and tomorrow, at 4:45 PM, is the last Tribeca screening. Anyone who has seen it this week, please send us your thoughts or reactions -- or better yet, post them in the comments section so others can see them.

Here are a few from comments on the blog:

This movie is the tip of the iceberg. It is my hope that people will start to really see that War is not a video game and soldiers are not little Republican or Democrat robots running around without an original thought. It smells, it hurts, and it sucks! We went through a lot and all came home alive. Thank God!

-- Chuck Thomas

Mike, Pink and Bazzi have their views, and that is what was shown on the screen. I never felt like the movie was trying to convince us that their views were EVERYONE's views. I never felt that they were speaking for Charlie Company. I didn't like some of the things they said. I don't like some of their views. But they are entitled to them, just as I am entitled to mine.
-- Kinsella
There's a scene where one of the guys - Moriarty, I think - is already back, and talks about people asking him about Iraq. They ask to see pictures, and then can't be bothered to look at them. Dude, I know EXACTLY what you mean! Every word in that clip could have come out of my mouth.

-- Greg