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Beyond Broadcast Conference

Z, Chuck and I are headed down to Boston tomorrow to attend the 2nd annual Beyond Broadcast conferenceat Harvard, May 12-13 2006.

The goal of this convening is to create an opportunity for interaction between active participants in traditional public media and new participatory web-based efforts; to showcase and discuss the latest projects and models emerging faster than anyone can keep track of; and to cultivate a shared understanding of the potential and meaning of a renewed public media role.

Thanks to Z, they asked if I'd give a brief discussion (as in 10 minutes) on directing through the internet, so for all of you interested you can link into their webcast if you go to their site and sign up.

Joining us there will be some of North Carolina's finest visionaries from the aspiring web 2.0 community Sean Coon and his documentary filmmaking brother Andy Coon whose award winning film Greensboro's Child will screen for the first time four years after the final edit in North Carolina later this month.