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The War Tapes: Andi's World's Extraordinary Review

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Andi's World's Extraordinary Review

You couldn't ask for a more extraordinary review of The War Tapes, from Andi of Andi's World. I saw her at the theater, on the center edge of one of the rows, paying attention to everything around her before and after. I was waiting with baited breath to see what she would say. Wow. Read the whole thing on her blog. She sees things in the movie that no other reviewer has seen, the critical importance of things like:

While the men are in Fallujah, the stories of the women in their lives unfold in front of the camera. Featured are Lindsey (girlfriend of Steve Pink), Randi (wife of Mike Moriarty) and Sana (mother of Zack Bazzi). These women are beautiful, warm and funny. They are a powerful reminder of the other casualties of war. Sana will tear your heart in two. She said for sixteen months her head was filled with Iraq. "Go to bed - Iraq, wake up - Iraq". Mothers everywhere will connect on an emotional level with Sana. Deborah Scranton deserves huge kudos for incorporating the stories of those left behind into this film. Military girlfriends/boyfriends, spouses and parents will certainly bond with, and relate to, these three women.

After Mike returns home, Randi tells us that her husband is frustrated and wants her to "understand what he's been through." Randi says she can't, she'll "never understand", but adds that she would like Mike to understand what she went through back home. While Randi is right, none of us will ever completely understand what the other has endured, I think this film goes a long way in helping us to understand as much as we can, and that's a valuable gift to military families. The War Tapes takes us to the front lines. It's a film everyone should see, especially military members and their families.


When you see this film, you will laugh outloud. You will cry. You will wince and you will recoil. But in the end, you will be very proud of the men and women who are putting their lives on the line in this long and difficult War on Terror. This film, more than anything I've ever seen or read, humanizes our troops. These soldiers are hysterically funny, articulate, intelligent, compassionate and loyal to their mission and their brothers-in-arms. Some may not agree with our premise for being in Iraq, but that doesn't stop them from doing their jobs with great integrity and courage.


As I mentioned at the top, this is not a political film. Sadly, I think that's where it may meet trouble. Hollywood and other media outlets strive to politicize this war, and it's difficult to do that with The War Tapes. Ironically, it's beauty may be its worst enemy. Remember how Saving Private Ryan was snubbed by the Hollywood elite? But, you and I can make a difference. GO SEE THIS FILM, and tell everyone you know about it. Family Support Groups - this is a perfect film to see as a group. I will see this film again when it opens in my area. When my husband returns from deployment, I'll see it yet again, with him. I strongly believe that The War Tapes is not only entertaining, but educational as well. This is not Hollywood's version of war - this IS war. Raw, unedited, painful and truthful.

On my way home today, I pulled into a gas station. There were six or so motorcyclists there. I saw their "Vietnam Veteran" jackets littered with various military patches. I walked over to them and we chatted for a bit. They were members of Rolling Thunder. I took the opportunity to tell them about The War Tapes.

The War Tapes is dedicated to the men of Charlie Company, 3/172nd Mountain Infantry, AND to the troops who have served, or are serving, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Last night, I told Deborah that she has a hit on her hands. I believe that's true - at least it should be. Grassroots efforts can move mountains. Let's make sure that we as a military community help promote this film. This is our story. This is our life.

Thank you, Andi! The word of mouth, word of blog, is the single most important thing for this movie getting into the American consciousness. And your powerful, moving review is so meaningful to all the soldiers involved.