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The War Tapes: A Note of Thanks from Robert May

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A Note of Thanks from Robert May

As a film producer you can only hope for magic to take place when a live audience first screens your film. After years of collaborative work and planning by many creative contributors, the premiere really is the birth of a film, not unlike the moment your child heads out into the world.

Being a New York based production company located just four blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood, it was a great honor that our film THE WAR TAPES premiered here on the 5th anniversary of the Tribeca Festival.

It was an honor too that after 1000 hours of footage and a full year of editing, we could finally stand in front of such an energetic audience. And you may have heard, there was some controversy as well, there were a few heated responses – but I think that our standing ovation was a testament that this is a film audiences are finding powerful and compelling. What more can be said - we are simply grateful to all those who attended and made this first screening so memorable.