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The War Tapes: Winner of the T-shirt Slogan Contest: "It aint Hollywood, Pal...."

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Winner of the T-shirt Slogan Contest: "It aint Hollywood, Pal...."

(If you are looking for Donkey video, click here. Sorry about the screwed up link in the email we sent about the clip --Z).

We're thrilled to announce the winner of the War Tapes T-shirt slogan contest.

"It aint Hollywood, Pal...."

Submitted by Greg (aka Doc) Papadatos of Queens, a civilian paramedic and a combat medic in the New York Army National Guard.

So many of the entries were fantastic -- very creative -- and ranged, as do the soldiers in the film, from pride to anger to softness to toughness to humor to incisiveness to cynicism to idealism.

Because there were so many we liked, we'll put dozens of your submissions up on Cafe Press, and if you make your own Cafe Press t-shirt, we'll link to it.

Papadatos.jpg Greg Papadatos in Iraq

Doc is coming to the Premiere and the champagne bar after party, and he's got a night in the Bryant Park Hotel.

When I talked to him this morning he said he liked this T-shirt slogan because he thought it would mean different things to different people -- but above all, "its not scripted" --- it ain't Hollywood.

He should know. He enlisted over 22 years ago. He started out an 11C (mortar gunner) in light infantry for five years then Individual Ready Reserve until September 1989. Then, as he tells it, he:

"Re-enlisted in the I.R.R.; yes, you CAN do that. But wait, the story is about to get even weirder. October - November 1989: the I.R.R. sent me to Jump School. No, I'm not kidding. You might be able to see my Jump Wings in one of my pictures. They're real."

In 1991 he was back in active duty throughout the first Gulf War. Then he:

"joined a Reserve unit, but they were deactivated. Went to another Reserve unit, then they were deactivated, too. Switched to the National Guard, and found a GREAT unit - an AIRBORNE unit! Got six more military jumps, and then - say it with me, folks - the unit got deactivated."

He responded to the WTC on 9/11/2001 as a civilian paramedic, and was back in New York ARNG in March 2003. He came back in as a medic, and made sure he was in an infantry unit. He was in Iraq from October 30, 2004 to September 3, 2005.

Papadatos spent two and a half months in Taji, and seven and a half months in Baghdad, mostly on Airport Road.

We love his T-shirt slogan, and we're thrilled and honored that he's coming to the red carpet Premiere and champagne bar after-party and gets a night at the Tablet Hotels-donated Bryant Park Hotel.

Just a little bit of Hollywood, for a man who clearly deserves it.