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The War Tapes: Tribeca Film Festival Opens / The War Tapes Comes to Town

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Tribeca Film Festival Opens / The War Tapes Comes to Town

Yesterday afternoon I flew down from New Hampshire to New York. After checking into the hotel, I hopped on the subway and went to register. The Film Festival's office is a high octane beehive of activity. I went in the front door and looked up at different signs to determine where I needed to line up. 'International Documentary Feature Competition' was at the end of the line of tables. Film Festival coordinator Diana Odasso had packet after packet of information, invitations and tickets to screenings. We went over the final details of our Premiere (in 3 days!!!), so many details. Sitting there it hit me -- WE ARE AT TRIBECA! Our film is going to unspool on a big screen. Wow! I'm so excited. The War Tapes has been close to 2 and 1/2 years in the making -- and now ( in 3 days) we begin the journey to share it with the world.

After all the details were done, I walked a few blocks over to meet one of my best friends Jamie Wellford who is the photo editor at Newsweek at his wife's bar The Bubble Lounge. There was a book release party going on so we hung out on chairs and couches pulled out onto the sidewalk. I met Paolo Woods, a well known photographer who spent a lot of time in Iraq and Afghanistan and is getting ready to head into Iran in June. Paolo is coming on Saturday (yeah). There were glasses of champagne passed around and a toast of congratulations for our NY Times mention!

Had a chance to catch a screening of Flight 93, then back on the subway and crawled into bed. Now this morning I'm fully caffeinated and getting ready to go back in the film world fray. more later...