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The War Tapes: Boycott Hilton, Save Fran O'Brien's

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Boycott Hilton, Save Fran O'Brien's

Dear Stephen F. Bollenbach, President and CEO of Hilton Hotel Corporation,

I will boycott Hilton Hotels until you change your mind about shutting down Fran O'Brien's restaurant.

For two and a half years, Fran O'Brien's has served free Friday night steak dinners to wounded soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

These dinners, according to the soldiers and the staff who treat them, are a critical part of the recovery process. Its the first place many soldiers have felt at home -- have felt human, have felt respect, have felt normalcy, and have found community.

As long as you turn your back on severely wounded soldiers, I am going to turn my back on all of your hotels.