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The War Tapes: Saddam's Elephant Gun, Darrell's Email Home

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Saddam's Elephant Gun, Darrell's Email Home

The War Tapes videos keep rising at IFilm -- yesterday we sent out a link to this footage Mike took of some of the spoils of war -- Golden Guns, Saddam's head in a box -- and already 3.038 people have watched it, before we even blogged about it.

Here's a link to the video -- a few soldiers told me they were having trouble with the link, so please let me know if the trouble continues. Also, Darrell Kiley, another soldier from Charlie Company that I met last week, sent me a link to his website, with pictures and stories from his deployment (on this page, more pictures of Hussein weapons, along with lots of pictures of Darrell!).

(This is Darrell)

Darrell's journal from the site includes emails home like this:

hey everyone,
i just got back off my mission and boy are my arms tired, this time seriously though. i got into a fire fight, right in time for julies b-day. i got to see tracres fly by my head, bombs blowing up next to me, rockets hittin trucks and turning them into a pire of flames. its was almost like the fourth of july, though its the 8th. the best part was almost getting shot by one of our own tanks, now that was fun. we had three bombs go off next to us. it was crazy, our vehicle sliding on all the diesel that was on the highway. and these guys were close to, like no more than 300ft. thats about how far away the guy was that i took out, with my big ol fifty cal. a real mans gun, oh yeah. but yeah other members of our squad were saying the samething i was thinking during the fight, are these guys only aiming for my truck or what? we got a whole bunch of srapnel damage on the sides, and even the left overs of a bullet inbedded in the truck, ill have some pics later. it a parently takes a month for my dad to get pics from me, yikes. so nobody got hurt or captured, everyone is fine and safe, though we lost four trucks in the battle. on of the soldiers in the trucks forgot his weapon, which to us in the infantry is unheard of. so we only got half way to our destination, damn it, err.. other than that im fine, i just think i got a small case of wipe lash from the tank firing over the hood of our truck, that things has a very large blast let me tell you. so i guess i also have to go and put that in my medical records too, due to the fact that tanks shoot depleted uranium, aka the stuff they make nuclear bombs out of, though much weak form. so ill ttyl.