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The War Tapes: Reuters Online Panel: Is the media telling the truth about Iraq?

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Reuters Online Panel: Is the media telling the truth about Iraq?

There's an online panel discussion tonight at 6 PM ET that looks very interesting. Heres' the email I got about it from Global Voices:

Is the media telling the truth about Iraq? Do you have an opinion on this issue?

Here’s the plan: Reuters will be hosting a panel discussion which will be videocast and audio cast via this link:

Several bloggers from around the world will be live-blogging the event, and panelists in the room will include CBS’s Lara Logan, independent Iraqi photo journalist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Reuters’ Iraq Bureau Chief Alastair MacDonald, Lt. Col. Steven Boylan, Chief of Strategic Communication, Combined Arms Center, U.S. Army, and others.

Global Voices's Rebecca MacKinnon is hosting a live IRC chat which you can join. Follow the instructions on the Reuter page above to join the chat. Or read here for more instructions for getting on IRC). If you get on IRC, you'll be able to ask questions of the panelists via MacKinnon (or at least get in line to do so), and listen to others reactions.

Or you can leave a comment on this post: You don't need only to say yay or nay -- what are your thoughts? Your reflections? What moments have you felt the disconnect? What are the ways you think there are distortions? What impact do these distortions have?