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The War Tapes: Premiere Tickets Running Out -- Buy Now!

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Premiere Tickets Running Out -- Buy Now!

We've heard from the Tribeca Film Festival that The War Tapes Premiere tickets are going fast -- its $12/person, and the Premiere is in New York at 3 PM on Saturday, April 29th. This is a 900 person theater -- the biggest venue, the biggest day.

If you have an AMEX card, call (212) 321-7400 now or go to the website -- you can easily find The War Tapes by going here and searching "War Tapes."

If you don't have an AMEX card, you can get tickets starting tomorrow morning by calling 212-321-7400 (the box office is open 10-6) or going on-line at the Tribeca Film Festival website. And if you are a soldier or veteran, sorry, no more free tickets -- there are going to be AT LEAST 150 soldiers & soldiers guests there, though, so make sure you get tickets to come.