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The War Tapes: New York Times Review of The War Tapes

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New York Times Review of The War Tapes

Four days until the Premiere (and four out of five shows with door sales only) at the Tribeca Film Festival, and here's the NYTimes review. Its incredible to get reviewed at all in the New York times, given the thousands of films, but this kind of review is extraordinary:

Deborah Scranton's "War Tapes" (competing in the international documentary-feature competition), follows three soldiers from the New Hampshire National Guard who were given video cameras and trained to use them before leaving their New England homes for a one-year tour of duty on the front lines in Iraq. Their riveting videotapes and accompanying commentary, sometimes shouted while under fire, gives a stronger taste of the Iraq war experience than any film I can remember.

...It is fascinating to observe how a prevailing cynicism about the war doesn't undercut the deeply felt patriotism of men who assume that its goal is not the establishment of democracy in the Middle East, but the acquisition of oil and money. When they return in triumph, two are suffering from signs of post-traumatic stress they are reluctant to address.

Once encountered, you will never forget these three — Sgt. Steve Pink, Sgt. Zack Bazzi and Specialist Mike Moriarty — or their loved ones. They are the bedrock of who we are as a nation.

Showtimes and tickets here.