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The War Tapes: Milblog Review: Outside the wire = Naked DSL?

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Milblog Review: Outside the wire = Naked DSL?

From around the milblogs, I saw yesterday that Milblogging has started a milblogopedia. Cool.

If we're all about opening up the soldiers experience to everyone, I was thinking we should start a soldierpedia. See the current search results on wikipedia for "outside the wire":

No page with that title exists.

It then lists possibly relevant other articles.

* Wire bonding
* Stranded wire
* Wired magazine
* Barbed wire
* Hutch (animal cage)
* Ball bonding
* Combined distribution frame
* Chicken coop
* Philadelphia Wireman
* Menger Hotel
* Naked DSL
* Drums and Wires
* Metro Networks
* Brush (disambiguation)
* Ferrocement
* Electrician
* Train surfing
* Spark arrester
* Pylon transformer
* Trolley

Wikipedia does, however, have a definition of Hooah:

A spirited cry, which can mean nearly anything positive. Short for "Heard, Understood and Acknowledged." Pronounced "WhoAh" in one short syllable by Rangers. In the Regiment ( 75th RGR ), depending on it's placement in the sentence or it's inflection and tone, Hooah can an affirmative, a negative, a Verb, and or curse word, See also, HUA.