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The War Tapes: Milblogging wrapup

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Milblogging wrapup

Mike just told me Colonel Hunt is coming to The War Tapes Premiere!

Austin Bay is wrapping up, quoting Instapundit quoting Jeff Jarvis, but the conference is already spilling out into the hall, and the post-conference buzz is welling up into the main room. (Hey, he just gave a shoutout to the War Tapes! Anyone visiting the site for the first time, site up on the upper right hand corner and we'll send you details about screenings (and send you outtakes and clips).

He's now mulling over the problem of video imagery -- how sustained effort is hard to show in images, how courage is hard to measure. "Understanding friction is rare, television portrays it as excitment or failure, or doesn't cover it at all."

And a huge, hugely deserved cheer for Andi for organizing.