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Live from the Milblogging Conference

I'm sitting here groggy with coffee and Mike, watching the conference fill in. Deborah's already on nine cylinders, running around meeting (right now, Andi of Andi's World), and Ward Carroll of, and there's young woman wearing new army uniform, haunting the small meetings, filming everything.

Mike's a little start-struck by Colonel David Hunt but he doesn't want to meet him yet because he doesn't want to have to sign too many autographs. It's taking a while to get started and Mike whispers "we need a Marine up here" to get everyone to settle down.

Last night Deborah and Mike dragged me out to Fran O'Brien's (okay, I wanted to go, I just needed some dragging) and we had an incredible time -- met Holly from SA, Blackfive, Chaotic Synaptic Activity, and about 20 other people.