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The War Tapes: Fill the seats

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Fill the seats

The War Tapes Premiere is allegely sold out again (according to the Tribeca website) but keep trying if you want tickets, there are still tickets available for other shows, and remember that people sometimes skip out at the last minute so you can show up at the door. The Premiere is at 3 PM on April 29th at the Tribeca Performing Arts theater (directions).


Fill the seats!

Welcome to the new members joining the site and signing up for clips. As you may have heard, this is no ordinary film, with Oz pulling the strings in the background. This is infantry as the heart and soul of the filmmaking crew, and when a few hundred vets and active duty show up at Tribeca's red carpet to show their support for a soldier's point of view, some kind of magic is going to happen. We're going to make our own news, and its all because of word of mouth, netroots and milroots and you.

I'm sitting in the airport on the way to the Milblogging conference, but had a few minutes to watch clips on iFilm that I've been meaning to catch up on. "First person IED" has the same effect alot of War Tapes footage does -- you are there. Its a 39 second clip from an anonymous soldier.

When you start to see this popping up -- anonymous citizens creating their own journalism -- you know you're in the middle of a huge seachange in the way that people experience the news. We're all inside it now, we're not just watching.

And, if you haven't already seen it, watch the Troops v. Donkey engagement, from Pink's squad's early days off Rashada Road:

So far about 2,500 people have watched it -- and I know a few people (Nick, you are sick) were disappointed that the donkey wasn't killed. These soldiers brought their chivalry with them, seriously!

If you have footage, by the way -- and I mean stories, video, podcasts, two-word sentences, reflections on your friends -- make sure you send them to deborah at And if there's footage you like, let us know.

Have a good weekend. 8 more days until our big opening...