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The War Tapes: Find a Decapitated Cow and Burn It

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Find a Decapitated Cow and Burn It

Check this out:

Hot Side of Beef

This is one of the outtakes that never made the final cut of the movie. This sequence is from one of the very first tapes to arrive at my doorstep back from Iraq straight from the camera of Wolf 4-3.

'Soldier with Camera' Duncan Domey was on MSR Tampa north of Baghdad when a call came across the radio that their squad was to "find a decapitated cow lying alongside the road and burn it."

But there's no manual on decapitated cow burning. There's no cow poofer, complete with instructions. So this is what happens when a group of soldiers armed with jerry cans of gasoline and a book of matches go up against a dead cow...

When interviewed via email about the experience Duncan said, quote, "ewwww". Concise guy.