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Feel like a grunt, feel like a queen

22 days and three hours until The War Tapes Premiere in Tribeca, April 29th at 3 PM!

Win two tickets to the World Premiere of The War Tapes at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, two tickets to the fancy after-party at a champagne bar, and a night in a gorgeous hotel room in New York City.

All you have to do is come up with a snappy tag line for our T-shirts. Send your ideas to deborah at with the headline: TSHIRT SLOGAN, along with your name, your email address, and contact information.

Okay, so we're a little grunge. We don't know which hotel. But Tablet Hotels (Unique Hotels for Global Nomads) has generously donated a room in one of their unique hotels, somewhere in NYC, and the subway system is amazing.

So far we've got:

Remember the Soldiers
Outside the Wire

What ideas do you have? Give us your one-liner for a great t-shirt that:

(1) you would wear and
(2) will make people in the middle of summer realize that the thing they most want to do is go get their hearts ripped out by living an hour and a half in the shoes of three amazing soldiers and their girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

The Premiere in New York should be mind-blowing -- the film affects everyone who sees it, its in the 900 seat central theater, smack in the middle of the Tribeca Festival. There's a backroom buzz about the movie, and the way it was made, among journalists and bloggers, and we know that soldiers and veterans will be there, from all over the Northeast, from all different services. (Tickets go on sale in 10 days!)

The best slogan will be voted on by The War Tapes production team and soldiers (this is grassroots movie, so the production team can easily fit into a phone booth) but heavily influenced by comments on the blog. We make no commitment to a rational or coherent or reasonable strategy of picking the best line. This is art and war, not democracy. And we're a bunch of grumpy, temperamental artists and soldiers.

Send us your T-shirt slogans now, we'll post the best on our blog, and the winner will be announced April 18th, ample time to plan a trip to NY if you're on the east coast.

And you'll get to meet me: DScrantonNew.JPG
(This is me, Deborah, the Director)