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Around the Milblogs: Palatial Report from Hardtack & Havock

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Hardtack & Havoc, Texan in Iraq, has this report from his visit to Saddam's Palace (Circus Tent of Lost Souls) (thanks Mudville Gazette for the tip):

The "Circus Tent Of Lost Souls” is about 80ft by 70ft convas monstrosity in poor repair surrounded by about a 8ft wall of sand bags. The tent itself is about 40ft tall at its highest point and sports many, many duct tape repairs. At two of the opposite corners the wall fabric has broken loose from the roof and we have to high thin ersatz windows to the world. The interior of the tent is functional if not imaginative. It is crammed with about a hundred racks and no privacy. The lost souls turn over quite quickly. In the two days I have been in this ante-chamber of pergatory I have seen it empty and refill about three times. A couple poor souls have been trapped in this vestibule of heck for over two-weeks. Sucks to be them. My evaluation…The palace sucks even if I did get to poop in Saddam’s mother of pearl, gold inlaid crapper. Nothing but the best for my feces after all. Even if you hafta vacation on a budget, the Longhorn Motor Lodge of Sweetwater Texas beats the Palace hands down.