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The War Tapes: A HUGE thanks to Tablet Hotels

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A HUGE thanks to Tablet Hotels


I wanted to do a separate big thank you to Tablet Hotels, which incredibly generously donated a room for two on the biggest night for us -- the Premiere at Tribeca -- to the winner of our T-shirt slogan contest. We are, after all, a grassroots movie that started with a $25,000 production budget on two credit cards -- basically just enough money to get ten basic cameras kits to soldiers right before their deployment and film for several days with them before they left.

We have huge hopes for the movie, but it has never been publicly shown, so the early support of someone like Tablet Hotels is really wonderful. Its a bottom-up driven company (besides being committed to the "cure for the predictability of brand-name chain hotels, it also actively incorporates customer reviews into its hotel choices) and we love their fun website -- most of all we love their generosity. Whoever wins the T-shirt slogan contest and lounges around in a Junior Suite at the Bryant Park Hotel will decidedly love them too.

(For those who missed it, the person who suggests the best T-shirt slogan for THE WAR TAPES T-shirts wins 2 tickets to the April 29th Premiere and after-party, and a night for two at the Bryant Park Hotel. Entries go here).