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The War Tapes: Unlike anything you have seen before

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Unlike anything you have seen before

Fogstix gets it -- he went to a showing of some clips at Berkeley last week, and he talks about how transformative the clips from the film are. Deborah and the soldiers are changing the way war is experienced, not just "capturing" the war, but getting inside what war is:

...Deborah is crafting what I think will be masterpiece unlike anything you have seen before. Whether you supported the Iraqi war or resisted it, you will be mesmerized by what you see.
The audience at UC Berkeley was spellbound by the gritty reality of this war filmed by the soldiers. And we laughed at the humor that the troops use to break the unrelenting gut grabbing fear. We also silently cried with anxious mother who brought her family to the United States to escape the wars in the Middle East, only to have her oldest son volunteer to go fight for the US in Iraq.
This new film is going to shock you, make you laugh, and make you cry–often at nearly the same time. It could have the same effect on us as those civil war battle photos where soldiers in death were captured on film for the first time.

I believe we can, with this film, transform how people see war -- and blow open the possibilities about how films are made. When Deborah and the soldiers started, they had only $10,000 and ten cameras....

Also, the Tribeca announcement is spreading -- we're in Reuters, and in Anthony's indiewire blog. But this film will thrive or fail depending on grassroots word of mouth. We're a groundup, grassroots, citizen journalism experiment, and we depend on you. Please -- spread the word, and sign up for updates on the top of this page.

- Z