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SERGEANT STEPHEN PINK, 24, was born and raised in Kingston Mass. He went to BC High in Boston, and got his BA in English from Plymouth State College, where he wrote for the school paper. He joined the military to help pay for college. Here are excerpts from an email he sent Deborah just after deployment.

I joined the National Guard during my second year in College at Plymouth State, because of money. If it weren't for the National Guard, I wouldn't have been able to finish school, so in that lies my allegiance to the New Hampshire NG.

While at Plymouth I worked as a ski instructor at Tenney and Waterville Mountains, and hiked all around: the Lafayette loop and Presidential range are some of my favorites. I ski Tuckerman's every year.

After college, I briefly worked for a local paper in MA. I moved to Cape Cod to take care of my grandmother's house, working as a subcontractor framing houses. You can't beat fishing the canal and living less than a mile from the beach. Although I believe I will end up teaching someday, right now building houses outside satisfies me and is more beneficial, financially. I write and keep a journal regularly. I read a lot of Bukowski, Tom Robbins, Vonegut.

My girlfriend Lindsay was finishing her last year at Plymouth when I left. She wasn't expecting the deployment but is being strong nonetheless.

Hopefully I will perform well as one of your cameramen and after viewing my footage, please send criticisms. Time is up at the computer lab. 1 tape done. Thanks for the labeling recommendations, otherwise you would have been in "editing Hell"

Best of Luck
SGT Stephen Pink

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