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The War Tapes: Lacy

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Chuck Lacy is co-founder of Scranton/Lacy Films, LLC and an experienced entrepreneur, historian, and cattle breeder. Currently, Lacy is the President of the Barred Rock Fund, a venture capital fund he founded in 2000.
This is the first major project for the Scranton/Lacy partnership. He and Deborah Scranton started Scranton/Lacy Films, LLC to make films about everyday people in New England.

He is the former President of Ben & Jerry’s. His other current interests as Partner or Director include Gonofone Inc., founder of GrammenPhone the largest wireless phone company in Bangladesh; Bakewell Reproduction Center, breeder and marketer of the world’s best cattle for grass fed beef production; Hardwick Beef, the largest distributor of grass-fed beef in the Northeast; and others.