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The War Tapes: Where is Mercenary Sniper!???!

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Where is Mercenary Sniper!???!

I just learned about IFILM and I went to check out the site, they have a whole channel on WarZone -- Mercenary Sniper (2005) in Iraq is amazing!!!!! Holy cow! Check out the intense synopsis and even the comments. This is incredible (but would be more incredible if I knew who this farmkid from the mid-west who is now a Blackwater mercenary was and where he did his active duty -- most of the Blackwater guys like this are ex Delta Force, Special Ops gnarly dudes, and ....). OK, my brain is cramping on overload... I want to go get all the backstorys of this content and hang with them going forward.... I want to know where this guy is now? Did he keep a journal?

And something like Ski's Ramadi Rap (2006), this guy's talent as a rapper is nominal, but his words pack a punch -- that he is even trying to do this when I'm sure he knows he's not great, his desire to story tell overrules any self confidence issue. I respond to the desire to communicate and tell a story.

The main issue I think is how to create an interpretive framework that footage like this can resonate in? I know we did it in The War Tapes, but how the heck can we do the same thing for all of this other content... some of which is being recorded at this very second...